About us

PolitIQal society is an international society that gathers politicians with proven high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) that belongs to the top 2% of unselected population (Mensa level). In other words, their IQ needs to be at least 132 sd=15 or IQ at least 130, sd=15.

PolitIQal society was formed in July of 2013 by Vuk Mirčetić and in the same month, it became 41st member society of World Intelligence Network. The first and current president of PolitIQal society is Vuk Mirčetić.

Goal of this high IQ society is to publish articles about stories, experiences and solutions for different problems of highly intelligent politicians in politics of their countries, written by current or ex politicians with high IQ.

PolitIQal society is formed on FREEDOM OF SPEECH policy, so every member can write about any subject or problem solving, and that is their personal statement. Recommendation is that all articles are written with arguments, and not represent just a point of view of a member. PolitIQal society don’t have any opinion on any subject, because it represents association with individual politicians with different stances, and goal of PolitIQal society is to share different points of view, not to have its own. Statements written by members of PolitIQal society are their statements and PolitIQal society distances itself for any article that could potentially insult anyone or are not truth.

In order to become member of PolitIQal society, one has to send a proof of high IQ and some kind of proof of current or past political activity. It is very important to exchange experiences and to see how proven intelligent people dealt with certain problems.

There is not membership fee for members.

If you want to become a member, please send needed documents to info@vukmircetic.com.

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